Record your TikTok video

Business Benefits

Get more views, build brand visibility, and generate leads.

Refer to your buyer personas and product use cases to identify which of your personas are most active on TikTok.

Due to the unique demographics of TikTok’s user base, not every brand aligns well with TikTok’s community. Likewise, not every product or service will align with TikTok’s demographics, either. :

  • Most adults who use TikTok are in the 18-29 year age group, according to a 2021 study by the Pew Research Center.
  • The vast majority of TikTok users went to the platform specifically to find funny or entertaining content, found a survey by GlobalWebIndex.

To do well on TikTok, your brand will need to:

  • Appeal to Gen Z and millennials.
  • Be lighthearted or appealing in usage, needs, or settings.

Open the TikTok app and click Discover, or search for the hashtag #trendalert, to see the latest viral trends.

The TikTok community is centered around the latest trends, which often include:

  • Specific songs
  • Certain choreographed dances
  • Answers to a specific question
  • Enacting a common scenario in life

To maximize your views, research the latest trends by looking at what’s popular on the Discover tab, or see what other TikTok creators have posted under the #trendalert hashtag.

Identify one or two methods of illustrating your brand values, brand mission, or product usage in a way that’s humorous, authentic, and related to a trending TikTok theme, dance, song or meme. Focus on just one or two talking points to center your video on: users are accustomed to quick 30- or 60-second clips.

For example:

  • Shoe brand Vessi often does TikTok duets - a common TikTok theme - with other popular TikTok videos, thus capitalizing off of the latest trending videos.
  • Fast food chain Chipotle focuses on funny memes, amusing takes on its brand, and viral trends.
  • Apparel company Levi’s often shares authentic, behind-the-scenes experiences, quick how-to tutorials, and clothing memes.

Sketch out a basic script and video style guide for your TikTok video. Aim for raw and authentic over careful scripting and professional editing - the community is used to more spontaneous content.

According to TikTok’s internal marketing statistics:

  • Mention your product, brand, or core message in the first three seconds of your video - this leads to a 63% increase in CTR.
  • Ensure it appears emotionally authentic and not too polished - 50% of their top performing videos have an emotional tie-in with the audience.
  • Hold your phone vertically when you’re recording - vertical videos have a 25% higher watch rate than videos shot horizontally.
  • Look at the camera and talk directly to the user - 33% of TikTok’s best-performing content breaks the so-called fourth wall with the audience.

Open the TikTok app and tap the + icon at the bottom of the screen to enter the video creator studio.

Descending from the upper right corner of your screen, you will see filming options and filters.

The bottom left of the screen allows you to access effects, while the semi-transparent bar across the bottom center allows you to choose your video’s speed.

At the bottom left, you can access your device’s camera roll and connect it to the app. This lets you incorporate pre-recorded video clips into your content.

Select your filming style and any desired filters.

The TikTok studio allows you to play around and find the perfect filming style for your content. Choose from options like:

  • 15-second or 1-minute recording times.
  • Hands-off or manual recording.
  • Playback speed.

These configurations and options are located at the bottom center of the screen.

You can also add a filter in the Filters folder of this same drop-down. Apply the same filter to all of your TikTok videos to create a coherent brand look when someone is scrolling through your TikTok profile.

Finish your production with video effects and audio. If you’re mimicking the latest trends, most TikTok trends include a specific audio clip, voice over, or effect.

For effects, press and drag the effect onto your video and use the sliders to select how long it appears on the video.

For audio, such as voiceovers or background music, tap the music icon and search for the audio clip or song you want.

Add closed-captioning to improve accessibility, provide viewers with context if they’re watching with the audio off, and set the stage for the scene you filmed or the meme you’re trying to mimic.

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