Create and share authentic video content on TikTok

Business Benefits

Tell your brand story in a natural, genuine, and relatable way.

Compile a list of topic ideas by referencing FAQs from your audience and their common interests or pain points.

Your team may already have a list of ideas to use in your overall content strategy. If you do not yet have one, these are a few places you can consider looking to gather this info:

  • Common questions, complaints, or comments from customer service calls, messages, or emails.
  • Frequently mentioned comments or questions on your social media channels.
  • Commonly requested topics or questions from blog engagement.
  • Topics or questions that forum users on Reddit or Quora talk about when discussing your brand or a related industry topic.
  • Audience demographic and psychographic info from your web and social media analytics.

Research current TikTok trends and hashtags to pinpoint areas where your brand can join the conversation.

Browse the For You page to look for organic trends and keep an eye out for popular challenges, songs, or sounds that your brand could create content around. Find related hashtags by typing in a broad keyword into the search bar at the top of the Discover tab. Select a mix of broad, high-volume hashtags, and more specific mid to low-volume hashtags to reach both a wide and niche audience.

Plan content around the list of topics you compiled or currently trending challenges and hashtags.

Focus on giving your content a highly entertaining, relatable, or humorous spin when possible, as these types of videos will be received best on the platform by your audience. Avoid pushy sales messaging.

Plan for flexibility in your team’s content creation process, especially when joining TikTok trends. It’s best to jump in on the trending challenges or songs quickly, because their viewership will increase and then rapidly lose traction as the trend dies down.

Record high-quality videos that prioritize production value and an attention-grabbing opening.

Hook viewers’ attention within the first couple seconds of your content to entice them to continue watching instead of scrolling past. Use a high-quality camera and make sure the audio is clear when making your videos. Add interesting transitions, filters, and effects in post-production directly through the TikTok app.

Use TikTok’s post-production Text tool to add closed captioning to your content for accessibility to all users, and to make your video easily shareable on your other social platforms, where viewers may be scrolling through their feed with the autoplay volume disabled.

Use periodic giveaways, or branded hashtags and challenges to increase brand awareness and audience engagement.

A few examples of branded content includes:

  • Hashtag challenges: Create a unique branded hashtag and prompt viewers to create their content in response.
  • Duet prompts: Viewers are encouraged to create a side-by-side duet video with your original content. For example, introduce a new product with the prompt, Duet this video to show us where you like eating your Doritos.
  • Giveaways and competitions: For example, ask participants to use a branded hashtag to enter, and offer a special prize or incentive to the winner.

Engage with your audience by replying to comments and duetting others’ videos.

Encourage likes and comments from your viewers to help boost your rankings in the TikTok algorithm and increase your reach and viewership. Make sure your team has some guidelines in place for how to respond to various social media messages and comments. For example, your brand may have a set list of emojis that are appropriate to use in replies, and certain types of comments may prompt a personalized response.

Maintain a regular posting schedule to increase visibility and enhance credibility.

Post content on TikTok at least once daily, or up to 4 or 5 times per day. Pay close attention to your TikTok analytics to pinpoint the best times during the day to post your content, when your target audience is the most active.

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