Set up default audiences in tracking tools

Business Benefits

Understand your users’ behavior better by collecting data and generating reports based on custom audience behavior.

Create a custom audience master spreadsheet with six columns named Audience Name, Source, Update Method, Frequency, Responsibility, and Notes.

Name the spreadsheet something memorable, such as Custom Remarketing Audiences.

Add the names of all custom audiences you want to segment for reporting to your spreadsheet under Audience Name based on their activity and behavior on your website/app.

Note that this will only track users based on a Google Analytics tracking code, so you will only be able to track users when they interact with your website or app. Some examples of audiences include:

  • Website Visitors 7-Days.
  • Website Visitors - 30 Days.
  • Website Visitors - 180 Days.
  • Placed An Order.
  • Abandoned Cart.
  • Lead Form Completed.

Add a data source for each audience, such as Website or App Activity, under the Source column.

Add any special instructions or notes that you would like to centralize or share with your team under the Notes column.

This information could include things like ad account details or Google Remarketing Tag URLs/Codes.

Navigate to Admin > Audiences in your Google Analytics account and click Audience Definitions in the Property menu to create an audience based on website or app data.

  • Click Next Step under Audience Source.
  • Click Next Step under Enable Remarketing.
  • Select the Analytics UA property and Google Ads Account you connected to this Analytics instance.
  • Click Enable.

Navigate to Audiences Definitions under the Property menu, click Audiences, and click New Audience to create a Google Analytics audience for each audience in your custom audience master spreadsheet.

  • Select an Audience definition based on your list of custom audiences from the website. For example, select All Users and then enter 7 days in the Membership duration box to create an audience for all visitors that visited your site within the last 7 days.
  • Name your audience something memorable and click Next Step.
  • Select the Analytics UA property and Google Ads Account you connected to this Analytics instance.
  • Click Publish.