Attract new ecommerce customers

To generate and grow revenue, you need to build and grow your customer base.

A strong strategy can set your online store and its products apart from countless businesses that might otherwise appear interchangeable in your audience’s eyes.

Attract new customers or retain existing customers?

Retention efforts tend to come with a higher ROI, thanks to existing awareness, easier audience targeting options, and lower costs. But retention efforts can only be successful when a solid, and growing, customer base already exists.

Build a strong customer base

When you’re trying to attract new customers, then, your focus needs to be on more than numbers. Instead, look for an audience that will be likely to become loyal, repeat purchasers. Then develop marketing campaigns that help your audience grow into your ideal customers.


Define your ecommerce target audience.

Before you think about messaging or channels, take the time to define exactly who you are looking to target and what types of wants, needs, and pain points they have.

Define your audience’s buying behavior.

When are they typically online, how do they research products they like, how do they like to buy things, and do they prefer individual business stores or larger marketplaces for their online purchases?

Define target audience’s preferred channels.

Once you know whether your potential customers Facebook, Instagram, Google, and/or any of the other online channels they might use for their online shopping, you can optimize your marketing strategy accordingly.

Run ecommerce marketing campaigns.

With the right goals, channels, and analytics in place, your marketing campaigns become the central piece of your effort to attract new customers.

Create content to attract your target audience.

Put together written or visual content that will entertain, help, or inspire people who you are trying to reach.

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Use SEO to attract ecommerce customers.

Optimize your website content so that potential customers can find you more easily.

Build audiences for paid advertising campaigns.

Use the insights you’ve gained into your potential customers to build more effective geographic, demographic, interest-based, and behavior-based segments for your campaigns.

Target audiences with paid advertising

Define your goals, find your audience, optimize your bidding, and refine your creative to build digital advertising campaigns that are optimized to bring visitors to your website and customers to your online store.

Run Instagram ad campaigns.

In many ways, Instagram is the perfect ecommerce ad platform. Learn about the various ways in which you can highlight your products and attract customers to your store.

Drive ecommerce traffic from Facebook.

When optimized the right way, organic and paid Facebook efforts can be immensely successful in driving traffic to your online store, increasing both first-time and return visitors.

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