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Sandeep is Co-Founder and Cheif Marketing Officer at Inbound Marketing Labs. He runs growth marketing experiments in ecommerce and shares the learnings with his community. Sandeep has created multiple businesses and is renowned for solving marketing problems, email marketing and automation in particular.

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Implement exit intent pop ups

Implement site-wide email opt-in

Automate email verification in real time using Zapier

Connect pop-up tools to Shopify

Connect opt-in system with remarketing audience data

Set up custom tracking events for popup user activity

Deliver dynamic content in pop-ups based on user behavior

Connect pop-up tools to mail services

Implement custom pop-up locations on site


Set up Zapier for cold email collection and verification

Use Dux-Soup to automate LinkedIn data scraping

Connect your cold email system with Google Analytics

Connect cold email data with your email distribution system

Chat Bots

Implement smart question and answer intelligence in chatbots

Build your first chatbot for lead generation

Push Notifications

Implement push notification with multiple alerts

Export push notification data for BI dashboard reports

SMS Text

Set up a short code opt-in sequence of messages

Connect opt-in with messaging system


Create Custom Tracking Events On Your Site

Create custom conversion goals in Google Analytics


Lead Scoring

Setup negative lead scoring system for lead validation system failure report

Collect demographic information using third party customer data platforms

Setup scoring rules for audience engagement

Setup Customer Survey for Demographic Information Self-segmentation

Set up lead scoring rules for demographic information

Setup Lead Scoring Rules for Social Engagement

Set up lead scoring rules for online behavior - site and app

Set up lead scoring rules for email engagement

Setup Lead Scoring Rules for Company and Business Information

Email Sequences

Setup welcome sequence automation rules

Setup welcome email automation rules

Set up an out-of-stock notification email sequence

Set up a chatbot for common customer questions during engagement and evaluation

Create exit intent pop-ups to offer lead magnets on content pages

Setup a content nurturing email sequence specific to lead magnets

Content Delivery

Select a Social Media Automation Tool

Create an editorial calendar for prospect engagement

Connect social media publication tools with your CRM



Set up a subscriber preferences management page

Set up subscriber opt-in tools on website


Connect Facebook Pixel with Google Tag Manager

Connect LinkedIn insights tag with Google Tag Manager

Connect ecommerce store with analytics software

Connect Hotjar with Google Tag Manager

Set up default audiences in tracking tools

Connect Google Remarketing Pixel with Google Tag Manager


Set up a naming convention for audience segmentation

Setup demographic segments

Data Acquisition

Set up behavior segments and tags on messaging services


Set up a subscriber preferences management page

Set up subscriber opt-in tools on website