Set up affiliate marketing for a virtual summit

Business Benefits

Expand the reach and increase the revenue of your virtual summit.

Choose an affiliate marketing platform that makes it easy for affiliates to sign up, ensures reliable click-tracking, and connects with your payment gateway.

Also consider functions like automated and manual payouts, setting up custom affiliate links, or integrating with your email service provider.

Configure the commissions and cookie-lifetime for your main offer, upsells, and downsells in your affiliate platform.

This is the basic configuration of your affiliate program that lets your affiliates earn revenue from sharing your virtual summit.

How you configure these depend on the platform you use, however these are basic functions that most platforms offer. Refer to your product manual for more information.

Upload affiliate resources like email and social media swipe copy, and promotional images to your affiliate area.

This lets your affiliates easily access their resources and helps them with promoting your summit.

Set up an affiliate page on your summit website with information about your affiliate program to make it easier for potential affiliates to learn more about what you offer and your program.

Make sure you include a Call to Action for website visitors to register for your affiliate program.

Set up an onboarding email sequence in your email service provider to give new affiliates access to all their resources, their unique affiliate link, and the promotional schedule immediately after signing up.

Set up a community on Slack, LinkedIn, or Facebook for your affiliates to network with each other and foster a sense of competition.

Affiliate marketers are competitive by nature. Take advantage of that by building a community where they can get together, talk about their ongoing promotions, ask questions, and get inspired by what other affiliates are doing to get sales.

Educate affiliates about what will happen after the summit ends, such as if you intend to relaunch your summit or turn it into an evergreen summit.

Depending on your post-summit growth strategy, you can have your affiliates continue to promote your virtual summit to their audiences.

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