Generate revenue post-virtual summit

Business Benefits

Keep generating revenue post-virtual summit.

Offer masterminds, Q&A sessions, special offers, or discounts to your current customers to exceed their expectations.

If you want to continue to sell to the summit attendees, overdeliver and blow them away with your All-Access Pass and customer experience.

This will turn your existing customers into raving fans and increase your ROI when promoting different offers to them. They’ll also be more likely to spread the word positively about your event and the products you create.

Survey your audience using Survey Monkey or Google Forms to understand the challenges they are left with after your event.

After watching the summit sessions, what are the problems they are struggling with that you could create solutions for?

This will allow you to tailor your marketing and sales campaigns accordingly and guides you when creating new offers.

For example, send your attendees a link to a Google Form that asks them which session they liked most and if there are any challenges they wanted to overcome by attending the summit that they still cannot handle.

Set up a backend funnel using a funnel builder like Clickfunnels or your preferred CMS to launch your own products after the summit ended.

This can be an existing product or a new offer that builds upon the summit contents.

Turn the knowledge from your attendee survey into the right messaging and use this knowledge to either pre-launch a new product or sell offers you already have to the attendees.

Convert your summit into an evergreen event.

This process is a lot of work but can establish an additional revenue stream for your business by driving new opt-ins and sales on autopilot.

Repackage your virtual summit sessions to use them as marketing materials or to sell them as a new product.

Commonly, the summit sessions are repackaged as a course or into a workshop-style format that includes live training sessions with some of the speakers.

You can also turn them into blog articles, YouTube videos, podcast episodes, or emails to deliver new content to your audience and strengthen your brand, or even use them as marketing material for ongoing campaigns.

Keep in touch with your speakers after your event ends and run affiliate promotions for their products to generate additional revenue.

Since you’ve got an understanding of the challenges and desires of your summit attendees, you can create some powerful affiliate marketing campaigns with the research work you’ve invested in while planning the summit.

For example, you can leverage the email list you’ve grown through the summit to participate as an affiliate when a speaker launches a new product.

Relaunch your virtual summit with new bonuses and new speakers.

Nobody says that a summit needs to be a one-time event.For example, some summits are relaunched once per quarter.

Make sure you add some new bonuses and invite a few new speakers each time to keep the summit relevant and interesting.