Nurture your leads post-virtual summit

Business Benefits

Consistently generate revenue and build authority.

Invite leads to future summits with new guest experts, keep the event community active and helpful, deliver exceptional customer service to your all-access pass holders, and overdeliver in everything you do after your summit ends.

For example, you could:

  • Run surprise livestreams or sessions for your All-Access Pass holders to let them know you care about your customers and make them more likely to buy from you again.
  • Continue sending helpful emails to your subscribers that teach them something they desperately want to learn.
  • Get your subscribers involved in new summits early so they feel special and more passionate about your event once it goes live.

Use Google Forms or SurveyMonkey to survey your attendees to discover if there was anything that would have made your summit better, what topics the attendees enjoyed the most or missed, and what your attendees want to learn more about after the end of the summit.

Understand what keeps your attendees awake at night to better understand how to improve the next summit, and learn exactly how you can market to new subscribers between summits.

For example, you could ask:

  • What was the biggest takeaway from the virtual summit?
  • What topic did you miss?
  • What could have made the event even better?
  • How can I help you overcome roadblocks moving forward?

Add your attendees to your backend funnel to sell your existing offers and run them through funnels you already have in place.

Maximize your revenue by promoting relevant offers you already have on the backend of your summit.

These don’t need to be your own products, and could also be affiliate or JV offers – just ensure they’re relevant and fit the context of the summit.

Turn your summit evergreen and deliver it on autopilot to generate ongoing revenue.

Repurpose the summit sessions and share content that dives deeper into each topic.

Create partnerships with virtual summit speakers or sponsors to deliver more valuable information to your attendees.

For example, you could:

  • Invite speakers back for additional webinar trainings or Ask-Me-Anything sessions.
  • Collaborate on an email or blog post series about a topic covered during the summit.
  • Create a JV product or course.

Reach out to your attendees personally via mail, the community you’ve built around your summit, or social channels to build a direct relationship with them.

Asking them questions about their current situation, dreams, and fears, provides you with valuable market insights that tell you exactly what type of content or product to create to help your attendees.

Relaunch your summit and add new speakers or bonuses to keep the relevance high.

For example, you can relaunch the same summit multiple times per year (not more than once per quarter is recommended) to generate additional revenue.

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