Conduct quantitative research

For quantitative research you could cover:

  • AB testing
  • Analysing scroll maps
  • Analysing click maps
  • Analysing behavioral insights like rage clicks or misclicks.
  • System usability scale.
  • Tracking time to complete tasks and the average number of mistakes.
  • Eye tracking


This is a good list, yet I think it’s for B2B. I need to ask you, are there dependencies between steps? In eCommerce B2C we don’t use them all, they are not needed. Some are more needed than others. Just an example: we use for Qualitative- Customer insights all the time (from call center or Customer reviews); we use interviews quarterly and talk to our influencers about the state of the market, new interest they have etc. This touches the points you mentioned (Social media, User objections). For Quantitative we use mostly Analytics, desk research (for what competitors do, website comparison of key metrics, tools that measure how many times we were mentioned that month), NPS. My idea was to explain the dependency between steps and maybe I’ll keep that for eCommerce since it’s what I know best.


I don’t think it is a purely B2B list, but you wouldn’t use all of these on any single project. It is a toolkit of methodologies you can draw upon as needed.

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