Automate email verification in real time using Zapier

Business Benefits

Improve your list hygiene and keep your users engaged using a third-party list validation service.

Login to your email service provider (ESP) and create two custom fields in your list — a Cleaned_Verified Yes/No type field with a default value of False and a Verification_Response Text type field.

See your ESP product documentation for specific instructions on how to set up custom fields in email lists.

Login to Zapier, navigate to My Apps, click Add Connection, select your ESP, add your email list verification service, and complete the authentication process.

  1. Create a new Zap.
  2. Select your ESP from the list.
  3. Select your email list verification service, such as BriteVerify or NeverBounce, complete the authentication process, and complete the connection.

Create a new Zap in Zapier, set up a new Trigger using New Subscriber as the trigger event, select your audience, and test your Trigger.

Select your connected email list verification service under App, select the verification event for your chosen service as the Action Event, enter the email address field that corresponds to your list under Set Up Action, and test the action.

Select your ESP under App and Add/Update Subscriber as the Action Event, and configure the destination to update your email list with the validation results.

  1. Under Set up Action, choose your audience and select the subscriber email address from your ESP.
  2. Update Existing field needs to set to Yes.
  3. Change your custom field Cleaned_Verified to True
  4. Update the Verification_Response field with the Test Result Code value from your list validation service.

The following is an example of what the configuration would look like using Mailchimp as the ESP, the audience Aglocom, and NeverBounce as the list validation service:

Name your Zap something memorable, activate it, use a test email address to add a subscriber to your mailing list, and check that the subscriber details were updated with Cleaned_Verified = True and Verification_Response = Valid to ensure everything is set up correctly.

Look for the task under the Zap History tab in Zapier if you notice any unexpected results or the details did not update.