Connect cold email data with your email distribution system

Business Benefits

Automate your sales pipeline development by <strong>uplo</strong>ading your cold email data directly into an email outreach tool using Zapier.

Create a new spreadsheet in Google Sheets with all customer data fields you want to use to customize your cold email outreach entered as rows.

Examples of data fields you might want to use include First Name, Last Name, Company Name, and any other data field you may want to refer to in your email to the prospect.

Create an account with a cold email marketing system like Woodpecker, connect it with your business email account, and create the campaign you want to launch with the cold email audience.

How you do this depends on the cold email marketing system you choose. See your product documentation for more information on connecting your email account and creating a campaign.
You may also want to use a new domain that has been warmed up through a service like WarmUp Inbox before starting a fresh cold email marketing campaign.

Log into Zapier, and create a new Zap with the trigger set as New or Updated Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets and connect the Zap to your Google Spreadsheet.

Select google sheets as a trigger for your zap. Choose the specific spreadsheet and worksheet of your choice.

Test your trigger to ensure it works.

Integrate your cold email marketing system under the Action part of your Zap, and select the campaign you created for this project.

For example, you could connect your Woodpecker service with Zapier by using your API key, which can be found by logging into your Woodpecker account and navigating to Settings > API Keys.

Enable your Zap and add a sample contact record to your spreadsheet to ensure it’s working as expected

Adding a new contact record should trigger the zap to instantly create/update a contact in your cold email marketing tool instantly. Check your email marketing tool to ensure the contact is added.

Go through your Zap to ensure everything is set up correctly if it doesn’t trigger, runs into an error, or doesn’t add a contact to your email marketing tool.

Add a new contact record to your spreadsheet for every cold email you receive to automatically add them to your cold email marketing campaign via Zapier and build out your email list.

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