Setup negative lead scoring system for lead validation system failure report

Business Benefits

Identify the audience most likely to make a purchase.

Add a new lead scoring rule to your CRM platform, create a custom text field named Verification_Response.

Add the type of responses received from your validation service to the new rule, and assign a score to each response.

Examples of responses include, Valid, Invalid, Disposable, Catch All, Unknown.

For example, you could assign a score of 5 to a Valid response, 4 to Invalid, and 3 to Disposable.

Connect your CRM Service and your list validation service to Zapier.

Zapier supports most CRMs and list validation services. Check your CRM, list validation, and the Zapier product manual to ensure they’re compatible and for instructions on how to connect them.

Create a new Zap in Zapier, choose your CRM as the App, New subscriber/contact as the Trigger, select your Audience, and test the trigger.

Select your list validation service under App and set up the relevant event for Verify Email Address under Action Event.

Select your CRM under App and choose the Action Event Add/Update Subscriber to indicate the destination to update lead validation results.

Create a new Conditional Filter Action in the Zap to update lead details in your CRM only when the lead verification is valid.

Give your Zap a memorable name, turn it on, and add a new subscriber to your mailing list to live test the automation with real data.

Check that the subscriber details have been updated with Verification_Response = Valid in your CRM.

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