WEB + App tracking setup in GA4

If users signups on to our website & then are sent details to download our Android application OR IOS app where the user uses the same credentials used to sign up on our website to log in on our Android app, then the user using the app can fill in the details to find the relevant product & complete a transaction on our app

track the user who signed up on the website & the same user who completed a transaction in our Android or IOS app in a single property in ga4

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@whoiseddie @jessica_best @fred.pike Any thoughts on this one?

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I think the question is CAN you track the logged in website user and the app user as the same user in GA4? I unfortunately don’t know – I don’t know if that was possible in UA, either, but at least GA4 was built for mobile app user data…

The other option, though, is that you identify and track that user in your own first party database, identified/harmonized based on the username or email address they use to login, as you say. I typically haven’t used Google Analytics for individual user tracking at all: I would think privacy restrictions would make that a bad angle for Google (and that may be why I’ve not heard of it being possible) but again, I don’t know for sure!


It’s a bit of a tricky question. You can track the user id of a logged-in user as a user parameter in the GA4 config tag in GTM. Note that that would be a user id, most definitely NOT an email address or name.
Conceptually, when a user on your website creates an account, you could push the newly created user ID into the dataLayer and pick it up via GTM and assign it to the create-account event (or whatever you’re calling it).
I do virtually no work with apps, but the idea would be the same - when they login, grab the user ID and assign it as a user parameter to the login event.
Assuming both the app and the website are using the same datastream, you could then link them together in GA4.
At least that’s the way it’s supposed to work! Like I said, I almost exclusively work with web GA4.
I know the user ID you capture has to be “anonymous” - it wouldn’t fly if you used “fpike01” for my user ID. But in the CRM, you can make the connection between the user ID and the real person.
There’s a pretty decent explanation of what you can use for the user ID here: User ID in Google Analytics Explained with Examples - Optimize Smart.