Google Ads tracking and GA4 linking to google Ads

Hello all ,
With the new GA4, there is the possibilitiy to link GA4 to google Ads and GA4 conversions will be showen in google Ads (of course those related to google PPC), my question is : do I need to set google ads conversions or GA4 conversions are the same as google ads conversions.

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Hey @theholding.compagny

Welcome to the community. Interesting question.

We are currently busy scoping out our updated courses for GA4 and such and I hope we will cover items like this for you.

I will connect you with @tania our community manager so she can take over your query from here.

In the meantime @fred_pike I wonder if you have some quick advice here?

Hi Noureddine!
Great question. There’s nothing automatic about a GA4 conversion counting as a conversion in G Ads. You will have to create that link yourself, from within G Ads.
While it’s generally fine to use GA3 goals or GA4 conversions as conversion points in G Ads, it’s never been my preferred approach. I feel it’s more direct, and less likely to break over time, to set up specific conversion tags in GTM instead. At least for me, it’s easier to scan the GTM container and know what specific action I’m tracking for the conversions.
Reasonable people may disagree on this approach. (but I’m right…) :slight_smile:
Hope this helps answer your question. Have fun with GA4 and G Ads!


Hey @fred.pike

Thank you so much for answering this query. I look forward to discussing more GA related stuff with you soon. :slight_smile:

@Nikki and I will be in touch shortly.

Sounds good, Hesh - thanks for tagging me!

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I’m very happy with your reaction, I want to add some informations that I have seen this morning.
The difference in using the two types of conversions (google analytics and google Ads) is fundamntal.

The attribution model of google Ads is different from google analytics attribution model. It’s recomended to install both tags and doing the right configuration in Google Ads so conversions count only one time.

Hope my informations are correct. if there is anything wrong please correct me.

I’m not quite sure I totally understand. If you’re suggesting setting up the GA4 conversion and also setting up a G Ads conversion for the same event, I’m totally ok with that.
While it’s still too early in my experience with GA4 to have seen conversion problems, I’ve seen tons of times where a GA3 goal was also used as a G Ads conversion, and then something happened to break the goal tracking, or the goal itself was not set up well, and so the G Ads conversion tracking broke.
If you want to review what some of your G Ads conversions are, that might help put some meat on the question.


Hey @theholding.compagny,

It’s been a while, and wanted to follow-up and see how it’s been going. @fred.pike offered to review what some of your Google Ad conversions are, a great opportunity to get a hard answer, easily. :slight_smile: