Set up mobile app tracking in GA


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Business Benefits

Understand how users engage with your app.

Open Google Analytics, click on Admin > Property Column > Create New Property, and add a mobile app property.

Ensure that you create a mobile app property and not a website property.

Find the tracking ID for the app that you want to track by going to Account Column > Account > Property Column > Property > Tracking Info > Tracking Code.**

Google automatically generates a tracking ID for each property you want to track. Check at the top of the page for a string that looks like this: UA-000000-2. Google will prompt you to download the Software Development Kit (SDK).

Add Google Analytics’ SDK to connect to its APIs and collect data from your app.

For Android: Download the Android SDK and Play Service SDK that gives you access to Google services like Google Play and GA APIs.

For iOS: Download Xcode and SDK for iOS to measure meaningful data like in-app purchases, active users, crashes, actions, and goals.

Create a new Google Admob account or sign in to an existing one. Link it to your GA to automatically create AdSense and Google Ads accounts.

Create a new ID or link to an existing account to set up your tracking ID.

To avoid rebuilding and resubmitting your app every time you add or update your tracking code, open Google Tag Manager, select New Account and give your tag a name. Then create a container for each app.

Google provides SDK instructions for both Android and iOS that include every Tag Manager code you’ll need. Once everything is set, add the tag for Analytics to the Tag Manager interface.

Set up custom campaigns to add parameters to the URL of your marketplace page where users download your app.

Use Google tools to create your URLs and append the parameters:

In Google Analytics, click on Admin > View > Ecommerce Settings and enable Enhanced Ecommerce to see data about your customers’ shopping activities within the sales funnel.

Use software like HitBuilder or GAIEcommerceFields to collect data about refunds, actions, impressions, internal promotions, the currency used, transactions, and the checkout process.

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