Publish consistent and personalized social media content with Planable

Business benefits

Improve content creation times and maintain consistency across social media platforms.

Sign up to Planable. Connect your social media pages and invite team members.

Enter your workspace and click Compose. Select the pages that you want to include for the post in the composer toolbar.

Turn on SYNC CONTENT to duplicate your post across social media platforms. Turn off SYNC CONTENT to tweak each platform’s content individually.

Each social platform has its own specificities. If you find yourself posting content across multiple platforms on a daily basis, copy-pasting content on each platform individually while accounting for the differences in format and style can be a daunting task.

Keep the sync option on to have identical posts duplicated across all pages, or sync off when you want to tweak each of them individually.

sync on off 2

A common workflow is:

  1. Select all pages.
  2. Add your core content – images, links, and copy.
  3. Turn Sync off.
  4. Tweak each post individually by adding hashtags for Twitter, tagging handles for Facebook, or turning a thumbnail link into an image on Instagram.

You can also ungroup posts. This will allow you to remove a specific post from a group so that you can work on it individually for other purposes.

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