Manage your social media assets with Planable

Business benefits

Spend less time and energy on social media content creation and asset management.

Sign up to Planable and familiarize yourself with the platform.

Planable is a content collaboration platform that streamlines your content collaboration processes.

Create a social media content workflow to learn how to set up a workspace, connect pages, and invite team members.

Click the Upload icon to load assets into the media library.

Planable’s Media Library allows creatives and clients to share, store, and collaborate on assets in one place. You can store images, videos, and gifs.

Click Media Library to view existing content that you and other team members have uploaded. Click on the drop down list and select Unused media to see files that haven’t yet been used in posts.

You can see:

  • How many posts each file has been used in.
  • Aspect ratio.
  • File title.
  • How much storage you have left on Planable.


Click Compose to create a post. Write your copy and upload your visuals by clicking on the Add from Media Library icon.

Click the Edit icon on a visual to crop, fine tune color, annotate, decorate, add stickers, or resize it.

Note: You can also edit images later after they have been saved as a draft.

From Planable’s editor, you have several image editing options:

  • Crop: Crop, change the aspect ratio, flip, and rotate the image.
  • Finetune: Brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure, and temperature, gamma, and vignette.
  • Filter: Black & white filters.
  • Annotate: Leave comments and replies for team members.
  • Decorate: Add text or shapes.
  • Sticker: Place external visuals wherever you want on the image.
  • Resize: Adjust width and height.

To undo any changes, click the Undo icon.

You can revert a visual to its original version by clicking Revert to original.

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Once again thank you so much for another plannable playbook. I really like how you picked up on the format.

Will get @naomi_kramer to look at this next week to do the final copy edit and check if we have any questions to make it easier for our users to action.

Cc @tania


Thanks @hesh_fekry!

@miruna – I made some edits to the steps to make them more action-focused and easier to follow without expanding each step. Are these changes OK with you?

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Hey @naomi_kramer yes, the changes look good, thanks!

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