Increase conversions by using familiarity



Business Benefits

Grow your bottom line revenue.

Use Google search to identify competitor websites from your industry that your customers are also likely to access, and note common design elements.

Use similar elements and layout on your own website to decrease user information processing time.

Use tracking tools like SessionCam to understand your audience’s viewing habits.

During the study, use the heat cam to see how participants are scanning through information.

Simplify your website layout by removing design elements such as small fonts, too many CTAs, and flashing elements.

Scan your competitor websites to identify topics and phrases that are frequently used.

Create a list of phrases and keywords you found during competitor analysis and run a qualitative research test that asks participants if they’ve read that text or phrase before, and in what context.

Highlight the words and phrases in your spreadsheet that your audience are most familiar with, in the context of your industry.

Write your website copy making use of highlighted keywords and phrases that fit your website, while using the brand voice of your company.

Use simple and concise language. Make your copy scannable by using short sentences and paragraphs.

Look at the calls to action on competitor websites and analyze how they reduce customer concerns and risk, using layouts and microcopy.

Use similar elements on your own website to decrease the risk uncertainty.

Add microcopy to your CTA buttons to clarify what happens after users interact with them. Add credibility elements like your company logo, and where appropriate, reassurance that the step is not irreversible.

For example, if you are offering an ebook in exchange for a users’ email address, add your company logo, a heading summarizing the offer, microcopy that explains what they give and receive, text on the button that focuses on the benefit to the user, and an opt-out link under the CTA button.

Add social validation elements under your CTA, such as user reviews and customer feedback, to relieve decision uncertainty.

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