Improve your advertising ROI

Business Benefits

Convert prospective customers quickly and easily.

Write as close to verbatim as possible for promotional copy in your ad, and in your landing page.

For example, if your promotional channel is email, use the same call to action in both the email and the linked landing page.

Make the ad message the central piece of your landing page’s message.

Don’t try to fit in excess content, or risk distracting and alienating your audience.

Include a value proposition and headline at the top of your landing page.

For example, Filing by CPA ran an ad in 2013 with the key messages, “Need US Company?” and “US Company Online in 48 hours,” but the landing page headline was “US Incorporation packages for Non-US residents/citizens,” which causes a disjointed core message and weak advertising scent.

Use the same logos, color palette, graphics, and images to maintain your design look and feel, across the ad and landing page.

Ad design needs to match the landing page design.

Use dynamic copy and work with your developer to create a tailored landing page for each ad.

For example, program different display content for each of your query strings, such as Ad #1 taking your audience to… while Ad #2 takes them to…

Create a functional, well-designed landing page, that quickly displays the value of your offer by incorporating properly coded CSS.

For example, the ad “Job vacancies DUbai UAE” led to a website called Dzooom which did not contain any relevant connection, had no proper landing page, and funky CSS; all of which is a waste of their money and the reader’s time.

Use trigger words in your ad copy and on your landing page, to trigger a user into clicking and visiting your site.

While users are browsing your site, they’re asking themselves where is X? or how do I solve my problem Y? For example, when the user types invoicing app into Google search, that’s the trigger word in their mind.

Google keyword search can help you understand what keywords a user might have in mind when looking for your type of service or product.

Collect emails on your landing page, if the product or service you offer is complex or has a high price point.

This avoids complicated wording on your page and allows you to discuss the product with interested clients directly.