How to access the dossier from tik tok ads course

Hello community

I just recently completed the tik tok ads course and the instructor mentioned we would be able to access something he called the dossier in the resources. Can anyone help? it seemed like a very useful document to have!!

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Hey @joey.sellem

Ill ask @Nikki about that and get back to you.

Hi @joey.sellem just chiming in here as well, could you check if it’s available in the resource hub here:

If not, let’s wait for Nikki!

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Hello @joey.sellem - I believe there is a link on slide 27 - it’s titled Core Sales Message framework - in the meantime I will work on adding this to the resources of this lesson as well.

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Thanks to both of you… it wasnt in the resources @carlp but was able to get something else from there

@Nikki it was most definitely on slide 27… so I a thank you for that!

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