Content Inventory Template in Content Marketing Research course

Hey, I want to know how to extract metrics to put it in content inventory sheet, I tried to use Ahrefs but it there is no option to extract Title, URL, REFERRING DOMAINS, SHARES, AND ORGANIC TRAFFIC all at once

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Hey @license – welcome! :smiley:

This thread might help: Content marketing research

I have read it and it helped me in some points but there are some other points that i didnt understand @naomi_kramer

Hi @license – Do you want to go through the points that you’re still struggling with? Which columns of the spreadsheet can you fill with data, and which ones do you need help on?

yes I need to know the how to combine all them in one sheet cause I have problem with sortin URLs and the date published

Hey @hesh_fekry – who’s the best person to help out with this?