Best way to identify new (or old) CXL courses?

Looking for an efficient way to identify the new CXL courses; and the old ones before adding to roadmap. Does anyone know how to identify the dates courses launched?

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There is no way to filter by recently released courses in the catalogue at the moment. We have a page with all of our archived courses located here

For updates on new courses, you can subscribe to the newsletter.

Edit: @bmull @matjaz @coe.valerie I am happy to update you all that we were able to deliver on this pretty quickly. There is now a “Newest Courses” menu item in the drop-down navigation. We hope it helps!

I am missing this function too - it is hard to find new courses. I just found CXL released two new courses about GA4 - I did not get any email about new courses added to the CXL. Last year there was a filter to sort by time added.


I too would be very interested in knowing what courses have been published that are new.


@bmull @matjaz @coe.valerie I’d like to thank you all for sharing your interest in this kind of visibility. We run on feedback, so please, keep it coming if there is anything else we can do to enrich your CXL experience! CC @hesh_fekry

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We are working on a highlighted section. In the meantime ill put something together quickly.

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New menu works, thanks!