Amazon Ads Strategy for digital books sold on Kindle Direct Publishing

I saw the course for Amazon ads selling physical goods. Is there anything pertaining to Amazon Ads strategy/tactics for selling digital e-books on Kindle Direct Publishing?

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Hey @wlaschmidt

I don’t think it covers Kindle Direct Publishing directly. I will ask the instructor about this.

I believe we touched on Kindle Direct publishing before here.

Maybe @naomi_kramer can be of help here in the meantime? Do you have experience with the ads side of things.

Hey @wlaschmidt I haven’t used Amazon Ads much. I’m not a huge fan – they were horribly clunky back when I first tried them out. However, the Kboards Writers Cafe has a bunch of people who’ve been using Amazon Ads and other strategies around selling on KDP for years. If you search on there for Amazon Ads, you should find some useful tips.

Just check out how someone’s books are doing on Amazon before you give too much credence to their advice on the forums. Lots of hot air – but some really solid advice too.

@wlaschmidt I asked Mina and he said his course unfortunately doesn’t quite relate as its all physical product related.

I wonder if you’ve found anything yet on your researches?

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