How can I increase my lead on Linkedin Ads?

Hello, I created a lead campaign on Linkedin. At the begging, I Have 1 lead/ day with a budget 20 euro but then I closed the ad although the leads was great. Because I must add some information about the religion of the person that submit the form. After that the leads was extremely declined. What can I do?

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Hi @zwhmatz96

Welcome to the community. To be able to help you further can i ask you a quick couple of questions.

You mentioned the leads where great when you closed the ad but before you only had 1 lead per day with 20e budget.

Can you please clarify what happened, its not immediately clear what you are asking?

Hi @zwhmatz96,

Just wanted to check-in and make sure you saw our reply. We just need some clarification of what happened to better understand your question.

Hear back soon,