Generate leads with a Facebook ad campaign

Business Benefits

Connect with people who are interested in your products and collect information about them.

In Facebook’s Ads Manager, go to Create > Lead generation to use forms in your Facebook ads.

When someone taps on your ad, it can display a custom form to collect data for future follow-up.

Choose your target audience to include users most likely to convert to leads.

To reach an audience with a high chance of becoming leads, use:

  • Retargeting off high-intent web pages like your pricing page.
  • Custom audience lists of past customers or hot prospects.
  • Lookalike audiences who share interests and demographics with your current customers.

Enter your budget and timeline.

When lead generation is the campaign objective, Ads Manager will estimate how many leads a given budget and timeline will generate. If you have never used Facebook Lead Ads before, start with a single-month campaign on a budget within your range that results in a new lead volume your sales team can comfortably handle.

Choose a visual ad format that attracts your audience’s attention in the newsfeed.

Options on Facebook include:

  • Single image ads.
  • Video ads.
  • Image slideshow ads, which combine several images with text overlays and sound to create a video.
  • Carousel ads, which can include up to 10 cards with individual images or videos.

Add a headline, body copy, and link description that provide a clear and compelling reason for your audience to become a lead.

For example, if you are promoting a lead magnet, the headline, body copy, and link description should both name the title of the publication and the core reason your audience should download it.

All text has to stay within Facebook’s character limits:

  • Headline: 40 characters.
  • Body copy: 125 characters.
  • Link description: 30 characters.

Preview your ad in Ads Manager.

This step ensures that the ad appears as intended on desktop and mobile devices, which is especially important because the majority of users now browse Facebook on phones or tablets.

Click Contact Form to create a lead form attached to the ad and allow your audience to sign up without leaving Facebook.

Use a Higher Volume form type for TOFU users to quickly fill out, or a Higher Intent form type for BOFU users who want to confirm their info before submitting the form.

Higher volume works especially well for mobile users because submission is quick and simple.

Build your form with a focus on pre-filled questions.

Facebook automatically fills in basic user information like email address and name, reducing friction and increasing conversion rates. Add at most two custom questions for your audience to complete manually.

Include as few form fields as you can to still follow up with leads and segment your leads for custom communications. Each question added will slightly lower conversion rates.

Create a final thank-you screen to acknowledge that you have received your audience’s information, describe the follow-up they will receive from you, and link to a call to action on your website.

This is the screen your audience sees after submitting the form.

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