B2B Lead Generation: Strategies for Overcoming Challenges and Enhancing Campaign Performance

Hi! I run lead campaigns at B2B. I have a problem that I can’t solve.

I’ll give an example of the current campaign. My job is to generate B2B leads for a training company. I generate traffic through Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads. The statistics, in my opinion, are really good. Good CTR with good CPC, according to the heatmap, 70% of users reach the contact form, but there are only a few leads currently, definitely not enough.

In such a situation, when the campaign is working well, users scroll and read the page, I don’t know where to look for the problem of the lack of leads. Does anyone of you have any ideas on how to approach this? Maybe you have a verification process, checklists?

I know how to prepare an entire campaign from idea to implementation, but when I already generate traffic on the Landing Page and there are no leads, I don’t know how to deal with it to improve the process. After some time, through trial and error, I can generate the right amount of leads, but it takes too long, and it’s an intuitive process for me, whereas I would like to do it consciously and professionally.

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Hi @dom.kumala welcome to the community! I’m not quite sure how you’re currently setup, but what about running an A/B test? You mentioned you run Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads; do you have data on which one happens to perform better? Are they the same? Or what makes them different? Which one is performing better?

If it helps, here’s a page on How To Better Measure B2B Lead Generation

Hopefully this helps get the ball rolling! Let’s wait and see what other community members come up with!


Hi Dom,

It may be beneficial to review your landing page and make sure your landing page is designed to convert visitors into leads. The contact form should be prominent, easy to fill out, and should ask for only the necessary information.

You can also review your traffic sources and see if there are any patterns in the behavior of visitors who do not convert into leads.

A lead magnet, such as a free e-book or whitepaper, can be relevant to your target audience and provide value. It should be promoted prominently on your landing page and should clearly explain the benefits of downloading it.

Optimizing your lead generation process is an ongoing process, and there may not be a single solution that works for every campaign. Keep testing and experimenting!

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Thank you for help! :wink: For now Google Ads performing better, because leads that I got is from Google Ads. I’m running A/B test with LP copy right now, but it’s too earlier to make any conclusion from it. I will check this page.

I’m wondering, however, if there is a process that can help achieve success with campaigns much faster. Do you recommend a specific CXL course for Lead Generation or a playbook?

I have a case study from the accounting industry (my company), where for 4 months we ran a campaign that did not produce satisfactory results, but after 4 months everything changed and now the business is growing by 20% every month, which I consider a great success.

However, in this case, I am working for a client and there is more pressure, so I am looking for help.

We are currently preparing a demo version of the training, which is an hour-long meeting during which we show a part of the training, where participants will be able to get to know the training in practice. Do you suggest that on the landing page it’s worth having a lead magnet, not just one goal, which is the contact form?

You can test it out. Including the demo version of the training can give your potential customers an opportunity to see the training in action and get a better sense of what they can expect if they decide to sign up.