Create a video for the middle of the funnel

Business Benefits

Convert visitors into leads for your business.

Choose the direction for the video, based on your brand voice and customers.

Customers in the middle of the funnel are interested but not yet ready to buy, and are looking for solutions to their problems. You can build trust through examples of your work and client testimonials, offer them free resources to educate them or make them care about you and your team.

Brainstorm ideas with your team to find a fitting video concept.

For example, you could investigate different ways to put the spotlight on your team by creating a specific Instagram account for them, or having a series of vlogs led by them.

Write down key goals for your middle of the funnel video like a certain number of downloads of your whitepaper, and decide how to make that action easy to achieve for your prospects.

For example, putting the link to download in the first line of your YouTube video description.

Draft a production plan for your video, in which you list the resources needed to create the video, such as tech, budget, and people.

Decide if it can be created in-house from existing footage, stock footage, or new footage you can create. Or, whether you’ll need to outsource some, or all of its creation.

Write a script based on the decided video concept and keep your resources in mind.

For example, don’t write in elements that are out of your budget.

Share your script with your team for feedback.

Take notes and see if there is any space for improvement.

Create and edit your video using video editing software, such as Premiere Pro or iMovie.

Alternatively, outsource its creation and review the work sent in.

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