Create a video for the bottom of the funnel

Business Benefits

Persuade your leads to commit to a purchase.

Choose your approach and direction based on your product or service, as well as your customer type.

Common approaches include:

  • FAQ
  • Instructional or demo
  • Onboarding

Brainstorm ideas with your team and conduct research to find your video concept.

For example, research terms used on your website, or gather feedback from existing users on what they would have found helpful to know during onboarding.

Write down key goals for your bottom of the funnel video - for example, a certain number of purchases.

Draft a production plan for your video in which you list the resources needed to create the video, such as tech, budget, and people.

Decide if the video can be created in-house from existing footage, stock footage, or new footage you can create. Or whether you’ll need to outsource some or all of its creation.

Write a script based on your concept and with your resources in mind. End your script with a clear call to action for your leads.

Don’t write in elements that are out of your budget. Simplify and de-jargon your script using a tool like Hemingway Editor.

Create and edit your video using video editing software, such as DaVinci, Filmora, or Premiere Pro.

Alternatively, outsource its creation and review the work sent in.

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