Create a marketing funnel by responding to customer behavior

Based on How to Create a Marketing Funnel by Responding to Customer Behavior by Tom Whatley

Traditional marketing funnels are linear. Visitors progress through the stages of the customer journey in an orderly fashion. For example, a person finds your business, visits your website, completes a form, chats to the sales team, and then becomes a customer.

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However, modern marketing is rarely linear. There are numerous paths that a customer might take to becoming a customer. They might have multiple touchpoints - and obstacles - at each stage.

Think of each stage as a state of mind. Aim to target customers with content that reflects what they need to hear depending on where they are in their journey.


Pick a non-linear funnel model, like the tornado funnel, and map current customer interactions to stages in your marketing funnel.

Many seasoned marketers favor tornado funnels that consider the different actions a customer might take.

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Boost awareness in your marketing funnel.

Improve SEO with low intent keywords, write guest articles, create PPC ads for high intent keywords, and build a social media presence.

Assist consideration and conversion in your marketing funnel.

Personalize retargeting ads and emails, encourage happy customers to leave reviews on external review sites, and employ social listening to monitor your presence and interact with your audience.

Increase customer retention and advocacy for your marketing funnel.

Remove conversion impediments, offer spending incentives, provide both reactive and proactive customer support, and set up a loyalty program for your customers.

Measure marketing funnel success.

Track KPIs, measure conversion rates, and watch user behavior to understand how well each stage of your marketing funnel is working for visitors.

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I feel this step needs a revisit as well. when reading the blog it explains two scenarios. With and without resources.

For some reason we only focus on the second?

Could do, but the type of funnel isn’t really the heart and soul of the playbook. You could pick a linear funnel and still work through the steps with no worries.