Create a brand tracking dashboard

Business benefits

Improve performance outcomes and respond faster to changes by focusing on the brand metrics most important to your business.

Choose from brand awareness metrics like brand impressions, social media amplification, views, or impressions, and unprompted recall.

Choose from:

Choose from brand engagement metrics like brand clicks, traffic, click-through rate, and conversation rate.

Select from:

Choose from brand affinity metrics like click-through rate, subscribers, time spent, fans, applause rate, and referring domains.

Choose from:

Choose from brand sentiment metrics like attributes, social media sentiment analysis, most linked pages, and top visited pages.

Select from:

You can also look at online product reviews for a general idea of brand sentiment.

Set up a brand tracking dashboard in Google Data Studio.

Create sections for brand awareness, engagement, affinity, and sentiment. Then add data for each metric chosen, either with a direct integration from Google Analytics or Google Search Console, or with a Google Sheets integration.

Establish a consistent time period over which you will report data and update the dashboard.

Because brand metrics tend to change slowly, use at least month-long intervals to discover trends and changes in awareness, engagement, affinity, and sentiment.

Regularly review the metrics on your dashboard to ensure they accurately measure all four aspects of your brand.

For example, if your surveys indicate rising brand awareness but your KPIs show declining awareness, investigate to see which trend is true and focus on metrics supporting that trend.

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