Visualize social media metrics in Tableau

Business Benefits

Present clear and visually appealing results and reflect your website performance.

Use time-series charts to see the evolution of the metrics and set the date calculated field from the previous step as a column.

Combine total followers and engagement rate per day to analyze volume and engagement metrics at the same time.

List the content published on each channel, including the publishing date, reach, engagement, and engagement rate.

The goal is to identify opportunities to create or optimize content based on what seems to be engaging with your audience. This information can be added on individual tables below the corresponding sections with the main metrics for each channel.

Include ecommerce metrics if they are relevant to your business.

It’s necessary to add code, a tracking pixel, to the website where the purchases occurred. This pixel collects the ecommerce data and sends it back to social media analytics. The code can be added through Google Tag Manager, and for this, you need to install the GTM tracking code or edit your website code by adding JavaScript.

Use the tooltips to include more detailed information or charts.

  • Go to the sheet where the metric is, edit the tooltip and insert the sheet with the information you want to include.
  • You can include the visualizations mentioned before and reduce the number of elements in the dashboard, making it easier to follow and understand.

Organize all the sheets in the Dashboard layout using horizontal and vertical containers.

  • Make all the filters and parameters visible to the user.
  • The containers can help you to create a dashboard structure and organize the content.
  • Keep in mind that the top-left corner of the screen gets more attention, so highlight the top metrics there.
  • If there is a dependency between charts or chart and filter, group them. If you put the filter at the top and the chart at the bottom of the dashboard, identifying which filter affects which chart can be difficult.

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