Use brand tracking

Using brand tracking, you can identify meaningful, measurable proxies that give you insight into what your brand is doing right and what can be improved.

One of the key challenges in brand marketing is measuring results. Brand marketing works to change what people think about a brand, how much the brand is top of mind, and how it connects to their personalities and emotions in their day to day life. These are difficult things to measure with concrete numbers.

The four elements of brand tracking

These elements of brand relationship can help you track how your brand marketing is performing:

  • Brand awareness: How many people have heard about your brand and products.
  • Brand engagement: How many people are actively interacting with your brand.
  • Brand affinity: How many people feel close to a brand on a personal and emotional level.
  • Brand sentiment: The language people use when they talk about and express their feelings about a brand.


Conduct customer and target audience surveys to qualitatively measure how your brand is performing in the marketplace.

Capture how your audience discusses your brand on social media. Measure the impact of your social media efforts.

Set up lead scoring in your CRM platform to measure brand affinity and fandom levels.

Collect data from web analytics like Google Search Console and Google Analytics to quantify brand awareness, engagement, affinity, and sentiment.

Use a brand tracking dashboard to track and centralize the brand metrics and KPIs most important to your business.

Use the data tracked in your dashboard to make informed strategic business decisions.

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