Use Momentive for brand tracking

Business benefits

Get more actionable brand analysis and assessment with integrated tools.

Identify the stage of life that your business is in. Is it in the startup, growth, or mature stage?

Select brand metrics that are most applicable for your business’s life stage.

  • Startup: Category level metrics, such as category awareness, category favorability, and category adoption.
  • Growth: Category level metrics, but also brand awareness, brand familiarity, brand perception, and brand consideration.
  • Mature: All the metrics above, and add the metrics of brand usage, NPS, and brand loyalty.

Create a brand questionnaire designed specifically for your identified metrics.

Momentive’s brand tracking solution includes pre-built surveys in SurveyMonkey that can simplify this step.
Follow these best practices to build your own survey:

  • Create a basic introduction that orients your audience around the category you’re asking about.
  • Ask a set of priming questions, like usage and recency questions related to the category to understand its popularity.
  • For brand awareness, ask what brands in the category come to mind first. Add a page break right after this question to avoid biasing responses.
  • Include multiple questions for each metric you want to track, like asking both aided and unaided brand awareness questions.
  • End the survey with key demographics that can help to qualify the responses, like age, gender, and location.

Build your audience for the brand questionnaire. Use a tool like SurveyMonkey’s audience panel to target the most relevant demographics.

Momentive’s brand tracking solution includes active help in selecting the most representative audience sample.

For self-serve SurveyMonkey customers, choose the best possible region, gender, age, income, and other demographics to increase the relevance of your survey results.

Consider adding screening questions at the beginning of the survey to exclude survey respondents who don’t match your desired criteria.

Set up brand trackers in Momentive to get monthly results from a consistent audience on a consistent set of questions.

Momentive’s team can help to set up these trackers, which are customizable by both audience and frequency of the survey.

View the Analysis tab for regular insights from your brand tracker surveys.

Momentive provides trend reports for every question, allowing you to see how responses change over time in a visual format.

Use the Data Configuration and Filter options to toggle between different trackers, show different audience segments, and change the time frame of the results displayed.

Use the AI Insights feature in the Analysis tab for automatically generated reports based on demographics and filtered subgroups.

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