Choose tools for testing



Business Benefits

Make your optimizing and testing process much easier with the right tools

Create a spreadsheet with columns where you list the name of each CRO testing platform.

Alternatively, use a CRO platform evaluation template.

Conduct online research to find existing market solutions for CRO testing tools using keywords like CRO platform or CRO testing when googling results.

Catalog 5-7 existing solutions in your spreadsheet, including the most popular ones such as Optimizely and Adobe Target.

  1. Enter the name of the tool in the first row of the columns.
  2. In the second row, enter the URL link of the main website.
  3. In the third row, enter the URL of the pricing page of each platform.

Take notes of each platform’s features - reporting, graphs, targeting criteria for tests - in the spreadsheet rows.

  • Find the information can be found on the product page or by scrolling down on the landing page. There are a few general functions that each platform offers, such as statistical engines and methods for the calculation of test results, different traffic splitting mechanisms, alerts, etc.
  • Gather information on other aspects of the platform such as ease of integration, visitor-based metrics, segmentation, or user behavior.
  • Note in the spreadsheet the features that can help your company get the CRO’s best analysis report.

Add the end goal of your testing program and what you need to analyze to improve the performance of your website.

If you need to run segmentation for large sample sizes, take note of that, if you want to be able to track real-time visitors while running your test or if you need server-side testing.

Create a scoring system in the spreadsheet and give each unique platform feature a 1 or a 0 depending on if they meet your testing goal.

Sum up all the platform features in the last row and identify which platforms have the best score, and select between the top two ones.

Analyze the platform’s features once again and identify how easily you can integrate it with your website/analytics tool.

  • Can you use a plugin or do you need to add a custom code?
  • Does the platform allow multiple reports to be generated in one go, or should each report be made separate?
  • Does the pricing of the platform match your expectation, or is it not worth the investment?

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