QA your A/B tests

Business Benefits

Get better results with your tests and reduce wasted effort.

Use your testing platform’s audience segmenting tool to review if your test is running only for the pre-determined audience segment

  • For example, if you test only shown only on mobile or only on your desktop
  • If you are using Optimizely, use the simple built-in audiences as the default
  • If you have conditions for your tests to be featured only in a specific device, check if they are selected.

Check if you are tracking the right goals and if your goals add the right metrics once a user reaches the thank you page, makes a purchase, clicks on add to cart, or completes the checkout.

Identify on your test page if all micro-conversions such as buttons, forms are tracked accurately.

Scan your page elements to identify if your test affects elements with identical IDs that should not be affected by default.

Identify if the tests are running only on the pages they are intended to run, and the URLs match the page test.

Check if your testing platform allows Google Analytics integration and review if the integration is still active.

If you are using Optimizely, name dimensions such as GA01, and match the dimension index number in Google Analytics.

Open Google Analytics, go to Real-Time and select events, and identify if the testing platform is triggering events into Google Analytics.