Build a strong brand

Grow a brand from inception to iconic by recognizing and communicating the unique strengths of your business to the right audiences.

Brand building matters for every business in every industry. From social to email to out-of-home to retail, we are inundated with messages. So many brands compete for our attention that the average person sees more than 5,000 messages per day. Our brains decide which messaging to pay attention to based on shortcuts, which are created by the brands behind them.

Effective brands leverage emotions to create these messaging shortcuts, creating an ecosystem that delivers value at every step of the journey. For example, Nike has spent decades building a brand that leaves its audiences inspired every time they encounter it. GEICO has closely associated it with savings thanks to its 15 minutes or more messaging.

Brand building also impacts other areas of the sales funnel. A strong brand can make performance marketing more successful and cost-effective, and plays into more sales-focused messaging at conversion stages.


Set your brand purpose, values, and positioning.

Use your company’s unique values and brand purpose to define the space you wish to own in the minds of your customers.

Identify your brand’s brand maturity stage to maximize the effectiveness of your brand strategy.

Knowing your brand maturity stage helps you focus on the right brand building activities, at the right time, to mature your brand.

Build a brand plan, with a brand foundation, SWOT analysis, tactics, and measurement framework.

Map your customer journey and brand touch points to identify and prioritize opportunities to connect with customers.

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