Align your marketing to your differentiated brand strategy

Business benefits

Create a consistent and memorable brand experience.

Build a brand strategy that focuses on dominating a specific market category.

List the product and customer success stakeholders you’ll need to get involved in your marketing strategy.

Identify and prioritize the marketing channels that your brand currently uses.

List the resources you will need to launch your brand strategy, like products, services, messages, and creative assets.

Evaluate your strategy by considering if your offer is hard to come by, if your strategy commits to a big idea, and if your plans play to your strengths and not your weaknesses.

These questions will optimize your strategy for success and provide your internal teams with additional justification for allocating resources.

Create a document with marketing plan variations. Include positioning pivots, like cheap and scrappy, big and expensive, luxury alternative, caricature, cereal box, and scarcity options.

  • Cheap and scrappy: How would you do it if you could build a competitor for 80% less?
  • Big and expensive: How would you do if you could build a competitor with 10 times the funds you have now?
  • Luxury alternative: Is there a different strategy version that would appeal to the luxury market?
  • Caricature: What would it look like if you were to design an exaggeration of your category?
  • Cereal box: What would it look like if you had to fit your product or service in a box?
  • Scarcity: How would you make your brand feel rare or collectible?

When developing radical differentiation, you must deliver a consistent, connected message. If you are attempting to establish something considered luxurious, your message and related products should focus on the luxury elements of your offering.

Review your marketing plan document and revise or remove anything that contradicts your positioning.

Answer the following:

  • Do any elements conflict with the opinions and unique ability of your brand?
  • Are there aspects of your strategy your minimum viable market might find cliché? For example, we have the best cheeseburger in town.
  • Does this strategy fail to help customers solve their pain points and achieve their goals?
  • Is your position something that competitors can solve more effectively?

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