Achieve radical differentiation

Use radical differentiation to make your brand stand out in a saturated market.

Radical differentiation is a positioning method that you can use to make your brand the only choice in a specific category, for a specific group of people. It’s well suited for brands who want to grow market share in saturated markets who want to become number one.

Sacrifice and commitment required

Radical differentiation is NOT for everyone. It requires sacrifice. It requires a long-term commitment across the entire experience. You can’t just change your messaging and the copy of your homepage to make it trendier or riskier. Instead, you’ll need to work on your product, your price, where you promote the entire experience, and your customer service from start to finish.

The rewards

Differentiated brands tend to generate more revenue than their boring counterparts. They tend to have a higher value. The brand value is higher. They tend to get paid more so they can afford to raise their price and be paid more for similar products. And they’re noticed more. That’s called the Von Restorff effect.


Find uniquely positive characteristics that your brand offers, and use them in your marketing campaigns.

Identify your own personal abilities, opinions, and passions. Use this knowledge to inform your marketing choices where appropriate.

If you’re the owner of a company, understanding the value that you bring to others can shape your brand decisions. If you’re working as a marketing person, harnessing your unique skill set can help you to breathe fresh life into your work.

Identify and research your minimum viable market. Learn what motivates your best customers to buy your product.

Identify a problem that your product solves. Look for something that causes pain and anxiety to your minimum viable market.

Pick a market category and develop a strategy for becoming the only solution worth considering in that category.

Develop a marketing plan that fits your brand strategy.

Using your marketing plan, write a brand story based on a hero’s journey structure.

Develop gifts that you can offer to your market. Use the concepts of generosity, connectivity, and eternity to find the best options.

Identify purchase triggers and develop a positive connection with your brand at those trigger points, using the gifts you developed.