Identify market differentiation opportunities for your brand

Business benefits

Stand out in the sea of sameness by challenging personal assumptions about the market and taking action.

Analyze successful competitors in your market by visiting product and brand review sites like Google Customer Reviews, G2, Shopify, Capterra, and ConsumerReports.

List the positive and negative characteristics that represent successful competitors in your market.

As you review your list, pay attention to the types of information you collected. Answer:

  • Does your list include visual elements of competitor brands, marketing slogans, and product features?
  • How could your brand succeed in places these competitors have failed?

By listing the characteristics of competitors, you begin to uncover values that you esteem and obstacles that exist within the market.

Create a list that represents your own brand, noting positive characteristics that you don’t find on competitor lists.

Review the reasons that you haven’t historically focused a brand strategy on these uniquely positive characteristics.

Are there good reasons for not using these characteristics? For example, is the target audience for these positive characteristics too small?

Outline a marketing campaign that focuses solely on the positive characteristics that are unique to your brand.

Answer the questions:

  • How could you make something work where it may have failed in the past?
  • How would a brand in a completely different market (for example, Patagonia, Yankee Candle, Netflix, Apple, or Cartoon Network) build your campaign?

We often prioritize improving weaknesses over elevating strengths. Doubling down on a few things that work often produces specialization. This specialization will help in radically differentiating your brand.

Look for ways to transform your campaign into something extraordinary. Take bold, creative risks.

Use unconventional problem solving to set a standard for your brand and create contrast with your competitors.

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