12. Achieve reach with influencer content on Facebook & Instagram

Business Benefits

Amplify your influencer’s content to achieve your reach and frequency objectives.

Open the Instagram mobile app and navigate to your Profile > Settings > Account > Linked Accounts and select Facebook to make sure your Instagram and Facebook business pages are linked.

Set up a Facebook page and Instagram Business Profile if you don’t have one or both accounts.

Request access to Facebook’s Branded Content Tool if you don’t already have it.

Your application can take anywhere from an hour to several days, be sure to plan in advance.

Brief your influencers of your intent to amplify the best content they post.

This can be a great value-add for them to work with you.

Once the first post is published, ask the influencer to go to their Instagram mobile app and tap on Advanced Settings > Tag Business Partner, and tag your brand’s page.

Make sure they tick Allow business partner to promote. In order to do the same for existing posts, the influencer has to tap the three dots on the top right-hand corner of their screen and tap Edit > Add Partner, then select Tag Business Partner and select your business.

If the business appears in the search results but doesn’t allow the influencer to tag it, then you might need to check if Branded Content > Required approvals is deselected on your Instagram mobile app.

Many influencers might already be familiar with the process, but do prepare yourself for a walkthrough just in case

If the influencer is posting a Story, they can tag your brand’s page under More Options if they enabled Save Stories to Archive set up before posting.

For this to work, the influencer needs to set up Save Stories to Archive before posting. Ask them to open the Instagram mobile app, tap on Profile > Settings > Privacy > Story > Save to Archive.

Note: retrospective partner tagging does not work for stories older than 24 hours, even if the saving feature is turned on.

Sign in to Facebook Ads Manager, create an ad, and leave the Buying Type as Auction to start promoting your influencer’s content.

Select the desired ad objective and click Select Post in the Ad Creative section, select Branded Content in the popup that appears on the right-hand side, and select the influencer’s post.

If you don’t see the influencer’s post under Branded Content, then it probably means that either the influencer did not correctly tag your business or you need to approve the tag.

Consider troubleshooting the issue with the influencer via a video call if it seems too complicated to resolve over messages.

Select audience demographics as close as possible to the influencer’s followers to the best of your knowledge or based on previous data obtained by analyzing their profile.

Although this whole process can seem daunting at first, aim to get it right with a few influencers first. Note that certain campaign objectives do not allow you to use existing posts as ad creatives and make sure you always see Select Post when setting up the campaign.

Alternatively, if the influencer has their own Facebook Business Manager account, they can also add you as an advertiser via Business Settings > Partners > Partner Business ID (the code you need to provide them would be a string of numbers similar to this: 642740051111111) and their posts should still appear Branded Content. A big benefit of this approach is that the influencer can choose to share their Custom audience with you to target audiences based on people who have engaged with their posts.

If you plan on scaling your influencer program, then consider investing in Lumanu: a tool that makes this whole process a lot smoother and saves you the back-and-forth with every influencer.

Navigate to Insights > Branded Content on Facebook to see your influencer’s metrics for their organic content, and use Ads Manager to see metrics for paid content.

Properly tagged organic influencer content will be available for you to see in your Branded Content section for 14 days. Metrics for paid content do not expire.

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