Amplify your influencer content

Business benefits

Boost your influencers’ branded content to better reach their audiences and maximize results.

Instruct influencers to include a clear message that resonates with your objective, your branding, and a clear CTA in their content for your campaign.

Go back to your campaign and influencer objectives to give your influencers clear instructions that still allow for creativity. The content you amplify should match these requirements, if you are going to amplify that content through ads or owned posts.

Request the raw content files from your influencers, and share your intent to amplify their content.

Though some ad managers now let you turn influencer posts into ads without requiring the raw files, include your intent to amplify influencers’ content in your contracts they sign.

Apply for access to the Branded Content Tool from your business profile on Instagram, and approve all your influencers as partners.

Test that you have access to this tool to make sure you can view your influencers as partners at least two weeks before the campaign to avoid delays.

Instruct influencers to use the Branded Content Tool to tag their posts and allow you to promote if their posts fit your requirements.

Your influencers must:

  • Tag your business profile in the Instagram or Facebook post.
  • Tick the allow business partner to promote checkbox.
  • Be approved by your business profile as a branded partner.

Create a custom audience of your influencer’s audience in Facebook Ad Manager.

Instruct your influencer to:

  • Ask your influencers to set up FB Business Manager. Tell them to enter a business name and work email.
  • Add your Partner Business ID, which you can find in your Business Info.
  • Add your business as an Advertiser.
  • Create a custom audience of that influencer’s followers.

Run paid ad campaigns for your influencer’s followers using your influencer’s existing post.

When setting up your campaign, select one of your influencers’ posts, and choose the Use existing post option.

Expand your paid ad campaign to other relevant audiences, as your budget allows, creating competitor, lookalike, or affinity audiences to reach more people.

Run paid amplification campaigns for influencer content on other platforms. Follow advertising best practices for YouTube, Twitter, and Google ads.

Repost or share select influencer content to your social media profiles to amplify and support exemplary content that fits your campaign objectives.

For example, repost one influencer’s image to your Instagram feed, add your own voice and insight to the caption, and tag them in the post. To show support, comment on influencers’ posts that involve your content, even if you don’t share it.

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