Use market anxiety to position your solution

Business benefits

Improve customer rapport and receptiveness to your product.

Look for trends in your industry or product. Check sites like, Exploding Topics, and Google Trends.

Follow people who like try to predict future trends – industry newsletters, creators, podcasters, and Twitter personalities.

Categorize the trends you identify into themes.

Conduct market research with highly engaged and profitable customers.

Using your market research, identify a common pain point that was blocking your customers before they found your product.

  • What frustrates them?
  • What gets in the way of their progress, their purpose?
  • What is your minimum viable market most sick of hearing?
  • What are the cliches that they hate?
  • What alternatives were they using before using your solution?
  • Was that the reason why they were in pain?
  • Do you think that some of their habits or own beliefs are getting in the way of their progress?

Identify the root cause of the pain point you identified. This is the monster that you can use for your story.

Don’t use a direct competitor as your monster.

For example, Hotjar used traditional web analytics as its monster. Standard web analytics can cause confusion and leave out a lot of information that users need – whereas Hotjar can show them what users really do on a website. It doesn’t name a direct competitor, but specifies a group of tools that commonly cause people pain.

Write a brand statement that describes how your brand addresses the monster.

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