Use discounts in ecommerce marketing

Business Benefits

Increase conversions and revenue.

Promote flat dollar discounts to reduce the purchase price by a set amount. These are best suited for higher value items.

Launch a percentage-based discount campaign, which is effective regardless of the item price.

Include discount codes within emails to increase site traffic and control redemption rates, or to measure referral traffic or the value of a relationship with a social media influencer.

Promote free shipping with certain order sizes, products, or product categories, which works as an effective evergreen promotion to increase purchase volume and average order value.

Highlight multi-quantity purchase discounts applicable to products with variations or commodity goods, such as save 10% when you buy 5.

Increase AOV with order size discounts that can be applied to both the number of items purchased and minimum spend thresholds.

Include gifts when specific purchase criteria are met, which typically take the form of accessories within the product category your customer is purchasing from.

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