Increase ecommerce conversions

Business Benefits

Boost sales and improve your conversion rate.

Use high-quality and high-definition product images that are taken from different angles, in context, are zoomable, and make the product texture clear.

People want to see what they’re getting.

Create product videos for part of your inventory to help customers understand the look and feel of the product.

For example, Zappos has videos for almost all of their products.

Write a product description that contains enough information to convince the buyer the product is right for them.

For example, the copy should answer the questions who the product is for, what it will do, and why it is good. A highly visual mix of description and product-in-action explanations, as well as technical specs, and answers to FAQs is a great place to start.

If you sell stuff you don’t make, add a personal touch and recommendations. Tell the customer why you personally recommend this product and how it will help them.

Implement free shipping, even if the cost is baked into a membership fee.

Some 75% of customers expect free shipping, even on orders under $50. If you do charge for shipping, be transparent and mention costs up front.

Include several, highly visible sales and specials sections, to attract discount-seeking shoppers.

For example, Steve Madden has 2 top-level menus for discounted products, while 6PM has 4 promotions for discount pages.

Reduce shopping cart abandonment by using a persistent shopping cart cookie, and sending follow-up emails to abandoners.

For example, the cookie will ensure a shopping cart will wait for users to return up to a week later, and in that time you can send an automated retargeting email. Some ecommerce platforms like Magento, 3DCart, and Volusion offer integrated cart abandonment solutions, making it easy for you to implement these features.

Make your checkout process a breeze by using a clear progress indicator, short forms, and accept multiple payment options.

For example, have prominent, clearly labelled steps and a shipping address is the same as billing address box on the checkout page, and accept credit card, PayPal, and Amazon Pay.

Work with your web developers and designers to build a search-centric site that includes good filters, and reduces the paradox of choice.

For example, use autosuggest to show product matches as users type, and allow users to filter results by popularity and feature.

Gather and showcase product reviews on your site, even the negative reviews.

People use reviews, and including negative reviews helps sales by providing legitimacy.

Use clear, big, call to action messages to create a smooth user experience where the client doesn’t need to search for the next step in your funnel.

For example, on your Order Summary page, use a large, red button that says Add to cart or Check out, alongside an equally large Continue shopping button.

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