Tim Wilson - Presentations and Data visualization

About Tim Wilson

Passionate about data and analytics – assisting marketers in determining the most useful questions to ask of the data, as well as digging into the data to provide meaningful answers.

Specialties: Digital analytics, R, performance measurement, digital marketing, data visualization
  • The co-founder, coordinator, and emcee of Web Analytics Wednesdays in Columbus that draw 50-60 attendees monthly

  • The co-creator of dartistics.com – a free site dedicated to helping digital analysts learn to put R and statistics to work with their data

  • The co-founder and co-host of the Digital Analytics Power Hour podcast – the digital analytics industry’s top-rated explicit podcast

  • A speaker at a range of industry conferences and events, including eMetrics, ACCELERATE, DAA Symposia, MeasureCamp, and Superweek

Contributions to playbook community

Involved as - Writer, CXL Instructor

12 Playbooks on Data visualisation and Presentation

Preparing a story

Creating presentations

Visualization techniques

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