Stay compliant with influencer campaigns and contracts

Business benefits

Minimize risk of liability, clarify expectations, and maintain audience trust.

Reserve a budget for legal fees. Consult with a legal team when creating your legal templates and influencer standards.

Score your influencers on authenticity. Work with influencers that appear to have an authentic audience and are transparent in their business dealings.

If an influencer posts suspicious content that does not appear to be properly tagged as sponsored, consider working with them at your own risk, and plan to coach them on compliance.

Research up-to-date influencer marketing regulations and standards for the countries and audiences you plan to target.

Some sample influencer marketing standards and regulations are:

Create influencer standards to ensure you stay compliant.

While this playbook is a guide, consult with a legal expert to help customize the compliance process for your brand.

Create a Master Service Agreement template to fit your brand and campaign. Create a new MSA document for each influencer.

Consult a task list for influencer compliance to help ensure you consider and include each necessary section, when amending influencer contracts.

Develop a Scope of Work Agreement template that includes project scope and details, payment terms, timelines, and mandatory tasks. Create a new Scope of Work document for each project.

Meet with each influencer you’re working with for a joint briefing session that includes a discussion of compliance and your requirements for them.

Discuss both the Master Service Agreement and Scope of Work Agreement contracts in detail. Let influencers ask questions.

Require each influencer to read and sign the Master Service Agreement and Scope of Work Agreement.

Influencers should sign the Master Service Agreement once and the Scope of Work Agreement for each new project or campaign.

Monitor your influencers during the campaign to make sure they are compliant.

In an influencer campaign tracking spreadsheet, record if and when the influencer posts their content. Check to see if the content is compliant and fits the terms and conditions outlined in the contract.

Consider using an influencer marketing platform that has compliance built into each agreement if you want to scale or simplify compliance for your influencer campaigns.

Look for an influencer marketing platform that helps you manage forms and compliance, like Aspire or NeoReach, especially if you are working with dozens of influencers at once.

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