Find YouTube influencers

Business Benefits

Track YouTube accounts, hire, manage and negotiate with influencers sourced through YouTube


  • A Google sheets and Google Analytics account.
  • An affiliate platform like Tapfilliate to look for influencers’ numbers.
  • A tool to track your email marketing followups, like Mail Track.
  • A Tool to create email marketing templates for outreach, like Briskine.

Define your objectives - including whether to launch an awareness or customer acquisition effort - for the campaign. Put together an audience profile.

Firm objectives will help you negotiate with creators for a specific approach on how they will show your brand to the audience.

Create a spreadsheet to keep track of the YouTube accounts that you discover.

Look at the types of video the creator has done in the last 1-2 months, and read the comments on the videos. This can give you insight into the main questions this audience have and if they’ll have an interest in your product.

Create a column with number of subscribers, amount that you could spend, genre of the channel, and the date that video will be live.

Check the most important metrics for your influencer YouTube campaign in your creator research. Include average views and posting frequency to get an idea of your potential reach.

Aim for a view average above 1000 and multiple posts per month that have some relation to your industry.

A creator that meets your views requirement but not others might still help you to increase your reach. For example, a creator that launches a video with 30k views, even with fewer than 100 subscribers, still gets your brand in front of a good number of people. Depending on your contract, you might also be able to ask the creator to do remarketing campaigns with this audience.

Also look at the number of likes and comments - and read what people are saying about the creator’s videos.

Don’t hire an influencer agency. Select a person in house to do this process. After looking for good channels, go in the About section on the channel and copy the email to start your outreach process.

Create a 4 step workflow email marketing automation to start your prospect with the creators.

The first one must mention the authority of your company + number of users generated in the last month/quarter/year and mention people that already worked with you. Add in the first lines a compliment about one of the creator videos that you liked most.

Negotiate your budget thinking about the cost per signup vs the number of potential users that creator could generate to your company.

Send a detailed email of everything you need to have in the influencer video talking about your brand and show availability to talk with him by phone number if he/she need to fix something in the video.

Focus on creating a video script that delivers a narrative where your brand is a part of the solution.

This will help the creator audience trust more on the product that is being promoted instead of a classical promotion.

Hire a platform to track custom links from influencers to gather your results.

Would you have a couple of quick examples of objectics and target audiences? could go a long way for non-experienced marketers.

What metrics would be best to look at? only the views?

Hi Hesh, yes I have. For objectives it’s important to choose if your brand is launching an awareness or customer acquisition campaign, so you can negotiate with the creators for a specific approach on how they will show your brand to the audience. In the case of target audiences, it’s essential to look which type of video the creator is doing in the last 1-2 months, and read the comments of the videos. This probably will show main questions this audience have and if they have a possible interest in your product/service.

Here it’s good to measure views, because even if you don’t match other indicators, as sign-ups or sales (you must create a custom link for each creator so they can put the link in the video description to get this numbers), you will have a good reach. As an example, if you have a creator that launched a video with 30k views, even if he didn’t have 100 users, a good number of people saw your brand, and depending on your negotiation you can ask the creator to do remarketing campaigns with this audience.
Despite this, you can also look for number of comments (and read what the people said) and lastly number of likes.