Sridhar Kamma - Python and automation playbooks

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Sridhar is the CEO of FunnelAI (SocialminingAI) and has over 18 years of experience in conceptualizing and directing the development of advanced technology solutions, including artificial intelligence and building startups that help businesses with process improvements and implementing disrupting technologies to help businesses achieve growth.

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Use lists in Python

Set up Python and libraries on your computer

Use functions in Python

Use sets and Tuples in Python

Use numbers and variables data types in Python

Use dictionaries in Python

Use comparison and logical operators in Python

Install and use libraries in Python

Work with Excel data in Python

Create plots using plotly library in Python

Use strings data type in Python


Create MySQL tables in a database

Sort data in MySQL

Set up MySQL database on Amazon AWS Cloud

Set up MySQL Workbench on your computer

Create views in MySQL

Import and export data using CSV file in MySQL workbench

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Publish a free website on Webflow

Create pages in Webflow

Create a contact page and collect emails in Webflow

Lead Gen

Embed HubSpot lead collection form on a page with Webflow


Create floating navigation menus and objects in Webflow


Create reusable objects in Webflow


Connect/redirect custom domain to free Webflow hosting


Use Templates from the Webflow Marketplace



Sridhar Kamma - Python and automation playbooks

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