Present A/B test results to stakeholders Presentation / Video

Hi, I am looking for a concrete example of how to present the results of an a/b test to stakeholders.
I saw that there is a playbook here, but I would like to see some video to be able to exemplify it more clearly.
Any idea how to find such a video?

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Hello Facundo!

This article from our blog is the most directly related to your goal here →
:bar_chart: How To Visualize A/B Test Results

As for Videos, if you are a CXL subscriber you may find some value in this course->
:chart_with_upwards_trend: Data presentation and visualization


Hey, Facundo!

In addition to what Camille said, I’d also suggest watching the “Presenting your learnings” lesson (A/B Testing Mastery course, Ton Wesseling), if you are a subscriber.


Thank you @camille.

I totally forgot about that lesson, it’s a very good one. Thank you @ThaAssumpcao

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