Perform voice of customer research in CRO

Optimize your content and improve digital experiences by listening to your customers through surveys, benchmarking, and user testing.

If you want to optimize your conversion rate, you’ll need solid data to work from. Understanding your audience’s perceptions, behaviors, motivations, and anxieties can help you to build a more welcoming, more persuasive website.

You can use different research methods depending on the information that you most need to know:

  • Use surveys to learn who your audience is and create user personas.
  • Use UX benchmarking to learn about audience perceptions.
  • Use user testing and passive feedback to learn about user behavior.
  • Use active surveys and polls to learn about user motivation and goals.
  • Use intercept and thank you page polls to learn about fears, uncertainties, and doubts.


Create clear research goals that are specific, surgical, and directly related to business benefits.

Without goals, you risk drowning in data and making decisions that don’t lead to improvements.

Select the best fit mental models, research methods, tools, research questions, goals, and experiments for your voice of customer research.

Pinpoint the type of personas that you need to answer your organization’s questions, and build them out.

Perform user testing to gather data about perceptions of the user experience.

Implement user surveys on your website to identify UX issues and points of friction.

Survey and poll existing customers about their behavior on your site and the motivations behind it.

Use narrow-focus user polls to discover concerns and anxieties that are blocking people from completing a desired action.

Code and categorize the data that you gathered and analyze to develop insights that you can use for testing.

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